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ORACLE Premium Headlight Sealant Adhesive Silicone (Case of 24)

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ORACLE Part # 1999-504

Bulk Case is priced at 15% off!
That's just $6.79 per tube!

Ensure the perfect seal, every time with ORACLE Premium Headlight Sealant!

Product Description:
The first commercially available sealant specifically formulated for automotive headlight sealing applications has now arrived. This premium headlight sealant is specifically formulated RTV (Room-Temperature-Vulcanizing) waterproof silicone sealant designed for use in reassembling automotive headlamp housings. The sealant has a tack time of 30 minutes and cures in three hours although six hours is recommended to insure a full cure

Min Application Temperature.......35 degree F
Max Application Temperature....115 degree F
Coverage (3/16 Bead).............50 ft.

The silicone will become tack-free within 30 minutes of application. The headlight should have the lens affixed with a clamp or other device to put pressure on the assembly for a minimum of 3 hours while the seal sets -preferably overnight. Depending on the thickness of the seal bead, the silicone may take up to 2 weeks to fully cure inside and outside. During this time you should avoid pressure washing, heavy rain, or any other unnecessary contact with water or moisture and the seal.

Do Not Ingest. Avoid inhaling fumes during curing. Releases Methanol and Ammonia while curing. Do not allow contact with eyes. Wear safety glasses while using this product. Keep away from children.

Note: Not Available to Ship to California. 

Package Includes:
1 x Case of 24 ORACLE Black Premium Headlight Sealant - 10fl oz. tubes

Tested and trusted by the professionals to finish every project with confidence!

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