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The Most Popular ColorSHIFT Car LED Controller Options: Choosing the Right One

The Most Popular ColorSHIFT Car LED Controller Options: Choosing the Right One

Adding color-changing LED lights to your vehicle can transform the way it looks with the touch of a button and make your car, truck, or Jeep stand out from the crowd, and finding the best car LED controller can help you control your look.

ORACLE has a few options when it comes to choosing a ColorSHIFT car LED controller or wireless remote that allows you to create a truly custom look for your car with light and color. Read on to learn more about ORACLE’s most popular RGB controllers to help you make the best decision for your build.

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ORACLE’s ColorSHIFT Lighting Car LED Controllers

ORACLE Lighting offers several options for controlling the ColorSHIFT LED lights to enhance your car’s look. Each controller varies in functionality, installation, and price, but they all will help to make your car stand out with custom lighting. 

Below are some of our most popular options and what makes them unique.

BC1 Bluetooth Controller

The BC1 is ORACLE’s most popular Bluetooth car LED controller thanks to the fact that it’s easy to install and comes at an affordable price. It’s the perfect way to control your ColorSHIFT lights—simply connect the controller to a power source and link it to your smartphone via a free app. 

The controller has four different outputs with waterproof connections that allow you to control multiple ColorSHIFT products from one remote. The app allows you to turn the lights on and off, choose from thousands of color variations, sync your lights with music, and control patterns, brightness, and strobe function.

The controller can be mounted inside or outside of your car’s cabin but will easily install in the engine bay. However, the fact that this car LED controller connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth means that other Bluetooth devices will need to be disconnected in order for the app to function properly.


  • Smartphone control
  • Ease of installation
  • Variety of functions
  • Budget-friendly
  • Can be installed in the engine bay
  • Multiple BC1s can be added for zones

ColorSHIFT Wireless Controller

This wireless car LED controller is easy to install and has a minimal footprint, which makes it perfect for vehicles with limited room, like off-road vehicles and motorcycles. It also takes up very little space in your car’s engine bay.

This controller is an RF, or radio frequency, remote which means it has a range of about 100 feet and may have difficulty connecting if there is a solid object, like an engine block, between the controller and the antenna. The antenna is flexible and easily adjusted if necessary.

The ColorSHIFT Wireless Controller has functions that allow your car’s ColorSHIFT lights to strobe, fade, or smooth out. The speed of these actions can also be controlled by the remote. However, the controller’s small size means that despite the number of functions, they are not all available at once, and you’ll need to scroll to find the one that you’re looking for.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Great range
  • Simple remote to use for control
  • Very small design for tight install locations

ColorSHIFT 2.0 Infrared Remote Controller

This upgraded car LED controller has plenty of features and is powerful enough to run multiple products at the same time. The ColorSHIFT 2.0 Infrared Remote Controller features a handheld remote as well as a keypad on the car LED controller itself, giving you two ways to adjust and control the lights via a single controller. 

This controller also features an infrared eye extension, so you can use the remote to manage the colors and patterns of your lights, rather than the control panel on the controller itself. To use this feature, you will need a direct line of sight between the handheld remote and the eye. And since the infrared eye needs to be directly connected to the control panel, it will need to be mounted inside the cabin of your vehicle.

Another unique feature of the ColorSHIFT 2.0 Infrared Remote Controller is the preview window on the main controller, which lets you see the color output without having to look directly at the LED lights. If you’ve mounted the main controller in the center console of your vehicle, you can set the lights to your exact specifications before you even get out of the driver’s seat. As with ORACLE’s other car LED controller options, the 2.0 allows you to control whether your lights strobe or fade.

The 2.0 has over a dozen preprogrammed color patterns and millions of color options so you can precisely dial in the color you want. Once you’ve determined what colors work best for you, you can save it to one of 8 memory preset slots for future access.


  • Multiple ColorSHIFT options
  • Can control the lights from the main control box or an infrared remote
  • Custom color feature
  • Lots of output and can control many LED lights from a single box

ORACLE’s ColorSHIFT Car LED Controllers Can Transform the Look of Your Car

ORACLE’S head-turning LED lights can take your car from a boring daily driver to a totally unique showstopper. The best way to truly put those lights to use is with one of ORACLE’s car LED controllers, which allow you to change the color and light pattern with the touch of a button. They install easily and are compatible with all of ORACLE’s LED products so you can customize your ride quickly and cost-effectively.

ORACLE Lighting is a world-renowned automotive lighting company with custom LED lighting solutions for your car, truck, or Jeep. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality and most innovative lighting products.

Browse our supply of automotive lighting remotes and upgrade your ride today.
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