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Eight Gifts for Jeep Owners That Will Make the Holidays Bright

Eight Gifts for Jeep Owners That Will Make the Holidays Bright

Whether you’re searching for last-minute presents for a loved one or looking to upgrade your own ride, ORACLE Lighting has a variety of perfect gifts for Jeep owners, including color-changing halo kits, a Pro-Series Vector Grill, and our popular Oculus Bi-LED projector headlights. We design and build our products to withstand anything you throw at them—on and off the road.

Here are the eight gifts for Jeep owners that’ll help you cruise through your holiday shopping. Read more about each item below:

  1. Oculus Bi-LED Projector Headlights
  2. 7” High-Powered LED Headlights
  3. Underbody Rock Lights
  4. Jeep Wrangler JK LED Side Mirrors
  5. Vector Pro-Series LED Grill
  6. Illuminated Wheel Rings
  7. ColorSHIFT Jeep Halo Lights
  8. Illuminated Spare Tire Brake Light Ring

ORACLE Lighting's Oculus Bi-LED Headlights on a Jeep in front of the sunset


Jeep Lover Christmas Gifts for the Avid Offroader

Finding the absolute best gifts for Jeep owners means looking for lighting accessories that are high-quality and can hold up to off-road excursions and adventures. All of ORACLE’s aftermarket lighting products are designed in our New Orleans area shop so you can trust us to give you a product that lasts. Shop the collection now.

Oculus Bi-LED Projector Headlights

For unrivaled style and substance, look no further than our trademarked Oculus Bi-LED projector headlights. Built by ORACLE’s innovative product development team, the Oculus headlamp provides a functional and affordable LED option that exceeds factory features, but keeps an OEM feel. Designed to fit the 2018–20 Jeep Wrangler JL and the 2020 Jeep Gladiator JT, the Oculus features an advanced LED projection of 3200 lumens paired with an eye-catching bright white DRL halo. Plus, it beats the competition on safety by utilizing a razor sharp cutoff with no visible glare and an adjustable beam that allows for customization with lifted vehicles.

High Powered 7-Inch Jeep Wrangler LED Headlights

For the Jeep Wrangler JK model that takes 7-inch headlights or a Jeep JL with adapter brackets, we also offer high-powered plug-and-play LED headlight replacements that don’t require additional fabrication or cutting your factory wiring. With our LED headlights, you have your choice of an optional colored halo light and the ability to adjust the light horizontally and vertically to keep it on the road and not blind oncoming traffic. This is an ultimate LED replacement for your Jeep, offering better nighttime visibility with a lower thermal input. With simple installation, these make for the perfect gift.

Jeep Underbody Rock Light Kits

ORACLE’s underbody rock light kits are an easy way to take a Jeep to the next level during the holidays and all year round. These weatherproof wheel well lights are easy to install and provide eye-catching illumination under the body of your Jeep. Illuminate the ground on the trails or pavement for improved safety. Get the best of both worlds with our signature ColorSHIFT model to choose white or multi-color lighting. The RGB rock lights allows you to pick from thousands of colors and control your lights from a remote or our ORACLE Lighting smartphone app.

Jeep Wrangler JK Off-Road Side Mirrors

If you’re on the hunt for Jeep-lover Christmas gifts, but you know that you need something that performs in addition to having a sleek appearance, try our Wrangler JK side mirrors with built-in LEDs. For anyone who loves to go off-road, it’s extremely important to have peripheral lighting to make sure that branches and other obstacles are out of the way. Our LED side mirrors include high-powered LED light bars and have a factory-style design for a clean look. The custom design features a total of 24 LEDs at a 45-degree angle for optimal visibility at night.

ORACLE Lighting's Vector Pro-Series Grill on a Jeep Wrangler

Christmas Gift Ideas for Jeep Owners: The Head-Turner

When you’re picking out gifts for Jeep owners, sometimes you want to pull out all the stops. ORACLE’s custom aftermarket lighting products can transform a factory vehicle into a head-turner. Order your gifts today.

The Vector Pro-Series Full LED Grill for Jeep Wrangler JL and JT

The Vector Pro-Series grill is the first full-featured replacement that has LEDs for low beams, high beams, and dynamic DRLs. The design of this grill is unique, as it’s equipped with an array of application-specific LED features built into a durable frame that matches the aggressive styling many Jeep owners are looking for. The modules are sealed so that water stays out of the fixtures. So even if your favorite Jeep owner likes to go off road through puddles and shallow water, the LEDs will be protected from pressurized water spray and even brief underwater submersion. The Vector Pro-Series grill is easy to install and can come pre-painted to match OEM colors.

Illuminated LED Wheel Rings

Our illuminated wheel rings are a fun way to add personality to any Jeep. The wheel rings come in single and double LED models in six different colors, plus our signature ColorSHIFT and Dynamic ColorSHIFT color-changing options. These wheel rings are great to give to someone who likes to be the center of attention when they roll up. Each ring is installed around the brake rotor and can even be mounted to older vehicles with drum brakes. Choose from two diameter options to fit any wheel size.

Color-Changing Jeep JK Halo Lights

Our Dynamic ColorSHIFT halo kit is the latest technology in our roster of expansive lighting modifications at ORACLE. With this kit, users can run multiple moving color patterns through the ring, creating a show-stopping effect. Users are able to choose from over 200 patterns from the ORACLE smartphone app, and then switch to a street-legal white mode when getting back on the road. Tech-savvy Jeep JK owners can even create custom color patterns through pixel editing in the app. With a plug-and-play install and user-friendly operation, our color-changing Jeep halo lights are top of the line.

Jeep Spare Tire Wheel Ring Brake Light

At the request of many, we have created a wheel ring that can be installed in a Jeep’s spare tire and be used as a brake light. With a street-ready red color option, this illuminated wheel ring is the perfect blend of function and style, adding a unique lighting option to the back of any Jeep. Plus, the lights can be seen from up to half a mile away! This also comes with a ColorSHIFT option that allows the driver to change to an array of colors when not driving.

Find Your Gifts for Jeep Owners at ORACLE Lighting

No matter what you’re looking for, ORACLE Lighting has everything you need to find the perfect Jeep-lover Christmas gifts at any budget. We’ve been the leader in aftermarket automotive lighting since 1999, and all of our products are guaranteed to be the best quality. Shop online today to get your gifts before the holidays.
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