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a Jeep like vehicle with custom header lights

Product Spotlight: Painted Vector™ Grill

Whether riders are attending a gathering for car enthusiasts like Cruisin' the Coast® or they simply want their Jeep to shine bright, the ORACLE Vector™ Grill series lets them stand out amongst the crowd. Our team works to assure customers receive some of the latest and greatest vehicle lighting products, and the Vector Grill is just that. With customizable LED lighting for low and high beam, dynamic LED DRL, and turn signal functionality, drivers can stay street-legal while on the road and become the apple of everyone's eye when parked and showing off.

Customizing Options With Quality Build a Jeep like vehicle with custom header lights

We are excited to offer custom painted Vector Grills for an even more seamless addition to the Jeep Wrangler JK. Customers can request their Vector Grill to be professionally painted in-house to match the vehicle's original equipment manufacturer (OEM) color. By matching to the exact paint code, the Vector Grill seamlessly blends in with the same style and look of any Jeep.

Our products' lengthy warranties and quality build help ensure sustained excellence. The Vector Grill has polycarbonate construction that is 30 percent thicker than factory output. Also, the mounting platform is reinforced for long-lasting durability. This product is made to look good and last through rugged use.

Easy Installation

Often, owners can be off-put by tricky installs and hard-to-follow instructions. We designed our Vector Grill to help alleviate those installation headaches for our customers. The Vector Grill is designed for easy installation, as explained in our step-by-step video. Simply attach the requisite connections and screw in a few mounts and the Vector Grill will be ready to light the road ahead. If any installation issues arise, rest easy that a caring customer service representative from the team is only a quick phone call away.

Ready to upgrade your Jeep with a customized Vector Grill? Easily place your order on our website or call Oracle Lighting at (800) 407-5776 or (504) 835-0055 for more information about this product.

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