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What is an LMTV?

In the late 1980s, the U.S. Army sought a replacement for its aging fleet of M809 trucks. While less flashy or headline-grabbing than a new tank, trucks are the backbone of the U.S. Army, moving soldiers, ammunition, fuel, food, supplies, and everything else needed in a war. The Army’s new truck needed to be reliable, efficient, transportable, easy to maintain and low-cost. Showing the importance of the task, a months-long grueling series of selection trials were held. Eventually, an Austrian Steyr design was selected as the winner, and Stewart & Stevenson was awarded the contract to build both the Light Medium Tactical Vehicle (LMTV) and the larger Medium Tactical Vehicle (MTV). The LMTV was a serious departure from the U.S. Army’s previous and antiquated trucks. Its cab-over design made it smaller and more maneuverable. And it achieved a 2.5-ton payload rating with only two axles making it less cumbersome than 6x6s. Thousands of Stewart & Stevenson LMTVs saw use in Iraq, Afghanistan and worldwide, with Oshkosh eventually taking over its production in 2012.

What's on our LMTV?

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You know that we had to fit our LMTV with many of our existing products and some new offerings. This LMTV features our popular 7" Oculus Bi-LED Headlights, 7" Multifunction LED Spotlights, and a Larger variation of our Universal Letter-badges which will be hitting the market soon! Check them out on this interactive photo.

Behind the build

Check out our LMTV Video series below!


ORACLE Lighting LMTV SEMA Build Series Part 1

ORACLE Lighting LMTV SEMA Build Series Part 2

ORACLE Lighting LMTV SEMA Build Series Part 3 - Interior

ORACLE Project LMTV Overland Interior Build Out: Part 2

ORACLE Lighting LMTV SEMA Build Series Part 4 - Illuminated Letter Badges

ORACLE Lighting LMTV SEMA Build Series Part 5 - Roof Rack

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