2005-2013 Chevrolet Corvette C6 ORACLE Fog Light Halo Kit

  • $124.95

This ORACLE Halo Kit is C.A.D designed to specifically install inside the fog light housing of the 2005-2013 Chevrolet Corvette fog lights. The halo kit is 12V powered and can be wired to a controller, switch, or directly to the parking/running lights. This kit will fit all 2005-2013 Chevrolet Corvette Models with fog lights.

Whether CCFL, SMD, or Plasma, each halo can be seen vividly even in Direct Sunlight! Regardless of what you drive we have a Halo solution for you.

ORACLE Halo's are covered by a Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty.

LED Halo Kit 1176-001 White
LED Halo Kit 1176-002 Blue
LED Halo Kit 1176-003 Red
LED Halo Kit 1176-004 Green
LED Halo Kit 1176-005 Amber
LED Halo Kit 1176-006 Yellow
LED Halo Kit 1176-007 UV/Purple
LED Halo Kit 1176-333 ColorSHIFT
PLASMA Halo Kit 1176-051 White
PLASMA Halo Kit 1176-052 Blue
PLASMA Halo Kit 1176-053 Red
PLASMA Halo Kit 1176-054 Green


Kit includes the following:
- (2) ORACLE Halos of Your Choice
- (2) ORACLE Ballasts(CCFL) or ORACLE Drivers(SMD/PLASMA/ColorSHIFT)
- Chevy Corvette Specific Wiring
- Installation Instructions

ColorSHIFT requires a ColorSHIFT Controller to function properly. (Controller not included)



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