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Halloween car accessories include orange halo headlights

Halloween Car Accessories You Can Use All Year

October is here and it’s time to glow in the dark and stormy night with ORACLE Lighting’s car accessories that will be great for Halloween. Make your car or truck shine pumpkin orange or blood red, and show off your personality with your new lights. If you really want to stand out with Halloween car accessories at your local haunted house or trunk-or-treat and beyond, these automotive lighting products have got you covered. Best of all, our products will last and serve you well after the Halloween season , plus many of them feature lights that can change color, so you can use them all year long!

Get That Eerie Glow with Light-Up Halloween Car Accessories

Every part of your car or truck can light up the night with ORACLE Lighting’s LED lights, on Halloween and every other night of the year. From wheel rings to headlights, and even your vehicle’s interior, make sure you light up every aspect of your vehicle. From your headlights to your tail lights, these Halloween car accessories brighten up your entire ride and increase visibility and safety in the process! 

 Start with your headlights to make a dramatic first impression, with ORACLE Lighting’s “Demon Eye” ColorSHIFT Projector Illumination Kit. Just as you would expect from the name, this kit gives your projector headlights the look of demonic eyes peering out of the darkness, perfect for Halloween. The ColorSHIFT functionality means that you can change the color of these headlights, to a wide variety of colors. This will allow you to use creepy Halloween colors like orange or red, but you’re not stuck with those colors for the rest of the year. Change your demon eye headlights’ color easily with our ColorSHIFT controller and get the look you want, whenever you want. 

If you see yourself more as an angel than a devil this Halloween, check out our extensive collection of halo lights, available for just about every make out there! A halo headlight contains a bright ring of light that looks like a halo, giving your car a distinctive look. Our halo lights come in ColorSHIFT varieties as well, so you once again have the option to try out seasonal colors as well as road legal white and amber. 

Don’t forget that the interior of your car can have that eerie glow too! Transform the look of the inside of your car with our Ambient LED Lighting Flexible Strip Footwell Kit. Light up the footwell area of your car with these easy-to-install strips, available in individual colors or ColorSHIFT This makes yet another way you can give your car a Halloween look with a product you can enjoy using long past Halloween. These footwell lights provide comfortable ambient lighting for a more pleasant night driving experience.  

Project a Spooky Image on the Street

If you really want to surprise your friends this Halloween, imagine your car projecting an image on the street, either a Halloween icon or even something that goes with your costume! ORACLE Lighting’s GOBO Projector Car Door Lights come in many different designs, from the intense Harley Davidson skull to a Transformers icon or a Batman symbol. These are just a few examples of the images we have available, and we can even create a custom design for you upon request. Think about it: If you’re dressing up as something for Halloween, odds are you like it a lot, so let your car show off your interests all year with ORACLE Lighting’s GOBO door lights.

Go Off-Roading Down Halloween Trails, Staying Safe and Looking Great Too

If your Halloween plans find you driving down a haunted trail in the woods or you just want to crunch as many leaves as possible under your tires, you need the equipment that lets you stay safe while having a great time. ORACLE Lighting’s off-roading products double as Halloween (or any time) safety gear in situations with tough terrain or low visibility. Whether you’re looking to get started with off-roading or you’re a seasoned off-roader, these lighting products are a great fit! Our Off-Road LED Lights can help you see where you’re headed and avoid obstacles. Try our Off-Road LED Side Mirrors for additional visibility for Ford F-150 and Raptor, Jeep Wrangler JK, JL, and Gladiator JT models. For a lot of brightness in a small package, include ORACLE Off-Road Black Series 7D 20W LED Square Spot Lights on your list of off-roading products. This series is for very intense off-roading, beyond what you might find on a haunted trail, but if scary is your idea of fun, get the gear you need here!

Wheel well lights or rock lights are one of the coolest-looking off-roading accessories you can get and serve a key purpose too. Casting light downward from the wheel well onto your wheels and the ground, rock lights make it easier for you to look out for rocks and other dangerous objects in your path. While rock lights will make things safer all year, you can give them a Halloween look by purchasing the ColorSHIFT version of this product as well. Imagine orange or purple wheel well lights for Halloween,and then switching to red or green for the Holidays, or your favorite color at any given moment. These rock lights go beyond your typical Halloween car accessories, letting you explore fall landscapes with ease while looking spooky, and then fitting into your non-Halloween automotive adventures too.

ORACLE Lighting Has The Halloween Car Accessories You Want Now and Can Enjoy All Year Round

With over twenty-years of experience, ORACLE Lighting designs and creates high-quality automotive lighting products and accessories that add to your vehicle’s look and functionality. Traditional Halloween decorations are limited to just this one holiday and often lack the quality to be reused.. Instead, ORACLE Lighting offers a wide range of products that definitely let you light up and look cool on Halloween, and remain useful the rest of the year too! For off-roading, exhibiting at shows, or just looking good in the driveway, take your vehicle to its full potential with ORACLE Lighting.

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