Ford Mustang Products

For car lovers everywhere, the Ford Mustang is a classic symbol of American freedom and individuality. So why not customize your pony with colorful and long-lasting headlights? No matter the model year, ORACLE stocks the perfect Ford Mustang headlights and other aftermarket lighting products for your model year. 

On average, our LED Ford Mustang headlights and other LED light accessories last ten times longer than halogen lights, and offer more options for customization, too. And out on the road, ORACLE’s Ford Mustang headlights aren’t just practical—they make your ride stand out from the crowd. ORACLE’s Dynamic ColorSHIFT® lights can be programmed to move in over 200 patterns, giving you plenty of ways to create the headlight effect you’re going for. Prefer a more simple headlight? Our LED Ford Mustang headlights include high-powered red, white, and purple models, as well.