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Easy install car LED lights on a Jeep Wrangler

The Easy Install Car LED Lights to Keep You Busy at Home

There are lots of easy install car LED lights for you to choose from, but which ones will give you the visual effects you’ve wanted to add to your ride? If you have extra time at home and you’re looking for easy ways to change up your car’s style, we have plenty of options for you.

Easy install car LED lights on a Jeep Wrangler

Surface Mount Halos

Our surface mount halos come in easy-to-install kits made exactly for your car’s make, model, and year. There’s no cutting or baking the lights required, and the IP67 waterproof rating ensures the longevity. If you can’t find your exact car in our lineup, contact us for options to create your own kit that you can customize to fit your car’s headlights. You can also pair any of our surface mount halos with an easy-to-install controller, like the BC1 Bluetooth Colorshift controller, which can be fixed inside the engine bay, giving you access to different color options.

Shop surface mount halo kits now.

LED Bulbs

LED Bulbs are a great option for swapping out your factory headlights. ORACLE’s LED bulbs give off intense light without draining your car’s electrical system, giving your car the style you want without any technical drawbacks. It’s good to note that some car models will need you to drop the bumper to install LED bulbs, but these are still a good DIY lighting option that you can install at home. We offer three different types of LED conversion headlights for you to choose from, with a wide range of make- and model-specific options available. 

Rock Lights with Magnet Adapters

LED rock lights are a practical add-on if you have any trouble seeing the road at night, or are worried about how visible your car is to other nighttime drivers. With our rock light magnet adapters, you can install these lights without ever having to drill into the body of your car. Just stick the adapters securely to any metal and you’re ready to go.

Shop ORACLE underbody and rock lights now.

Side Markers

Our LED side markers can give a laser-like appearance to the sides of your car while increasing your visibility to other drivers. With plug-and-play installation meant to take only 15 minutes, these are a super fast and easy install car LED light option to consider that will help your ride stand out during the day or night. These can also be color-matched to whatever OEM paint your car has.

Other Easy Install Car LED Lights For Your Ride

Why stop at headlights? There are other easy ways for you to add LED lighting to your car at home. Below are a few popular LED strip kits options to get you thinking about expanding your next DIY car lighting project:

LED Light Strips: With a wide range of prices and placement options, LED light strips are maybe the easiest, most versatile way to add easy install LED lights to your car. These strip lights can be added to many parts of the interior and exterior of your car, such as:

Placing LED strip lights is simple. The strips stick onto whatever surface you apply them to, and the lights can be wired to any 12V source. If you want to ensure that the adhesive bond is as strong as possible, check out our adhesion promoter pads for a secure grip. ORACLE’s ColorSHIFT LEDs can also be paired with easy-to-install color changing controllers, and our Dynamic ColorSHIFT underbody kit even comes with a controller automatically.

Our LED strip light kits are ready-made for whatever area of your car you want to add some glow to. Learn more about how LED lighting strips can help you step up your car and home lighting game.

Additional Support for Easy Install Car LED Lights

Taking on a car DIY project should be hassle-free and fun. Check out our install and troubleshooting guides for any questions you might have during your lighting project. We also have a resources page that can give you access to any additional information you need about your LED lights.

Don’t Know Where to Start With Easy Install Car LED Lights? Let ORACLE Lighting Help You Out.

At ORACLE, we have lighting products for your ride that are made to last. With both model-specific and universal custom lighting kits available, trust us to get you the right easy install LED car lights for you. Contact us today with any questions about your next at-home project.
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