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Graduation Gifts for Guys (or Girls) Who Love Cars

Graduation Gifts for Guys (or Girls) Who Love Cars

If your son, your grandson, your nephew, or your male significant other is about to graduate, you’re faced with the age-old dilemma of where to find graduation gifts for guys. It can be tough to figure out what to get a guy to mark this important occasion. You might feel tempted to give a traditional gift like a watch or a wallet, but maybe you want to consider something more unique. 

Well, if your graduate happens to love to drive, you’re in luck! ORACLE Lighting has a huge selection of aftermarket lighting products and accessories for cars, trucks, and other vehicles that make great gifts for the automotive enthusiasts in your life. Your gift can add sporty style, a high-tech edge, and enhanced safety features with products that install easily and can upgrade any ride. Take a look at our recommendations for graduation gifts for guys who live to rule the city streets, cruise down the highway, or adventure off-road. 

Graduation Gifts to Light Up the Night

ORACLE Lighting is best known for what’s in the name, exceptional lighting products designed with attention to detail, function, and quality. Consider our halo kits for headlights, tail lights, and more. Available in SMD, our halo light kits add a ring of light that looks good and shines bright. 

For an even more exciting option, we offer a wide array of color-changing lighting products in our Dynamic ColorSHIFT® collection. These lights let you go from color to color (as well as white or amber for street driving) and create interesting pattern effects using a remote and an app on your phone.

LED Illuminated Wheel Rings easily install and fit a variety of wheel diameters to bring brightness and color to your wheels. For a more practical application, ORACLE Lighting offers an LED wheel ring that turns your spare tire into a third brake light, mixing safety and style. 

You can bring colorful lighting effects inside the vehicle as well! ORACLE Lighting’s ambient LED footwell lights light up the interior of your graduate’s car with a flexible lighting strip. More than just making a slick car interior look even better at night, ambient interior lighting may help drivers feel safer when driving in dark conditions. For even more flexibility in what area you illuminate, try our fiber optic interior kits. These fiber optic cables can outline different parts of the car’s interior with bright and colorful light. Thanks to their design, they easily attach without the need for adhesive. 

Another unexpected place to add light is in your engine bay. ORACLE Lighting’s Engine Bay LED Flexible Strip Lighting Kit lets you literally highlight the power the vehicle has under the hood. These technologically advanced LED strips are sealed with a high grade silicone that prevents the heat of the engine from damaging their color and brightness, as can happen with an epoxy. Speaking of color, these strips come in a variety of colors and even have an option for a ColorSHIFT® upgrade. 

If your graduate wants to surprise and impress his friends, a ColorSHIFT® LED Underbody Kit is an awesome option. These universal LED strips create a glow underneath the vehicle that almost makes it look like it’s hovering over the ground. This combined with the color-changing feature will really wow onlookers, so it’s a great way to remind your graduate that they’re impressive. 

Graduation Gifts for Off-Roading Kings

If your graduate is into off-roading, you’re in the right place. ORACLE Lighting has a large selection of off-roading products. Underbody LED rock lights install into the vehicle’s wheel well to light up the terrain (and help you avoid stepping in puddles). ORACLE Lighting off-road LED mirrors are an innovative design that can make off-roading safer by helping the driver see potential hazards at the sides of the vehicle. These lights install easily, bolting onto the factory mounts already in place.

ORACLE Lighting also makes products designed specially for ATVs, the perfect graduation gifts for guys who prefer to drive an ATV for off-roading. In addition to several universal ORACLE Lighting products that work on ATVs, we have a halo kit designed for Can-Am Outlanders and a Dynamic ColorSHIFT DRL Kit for the 2017-2021 Can-Am Maverick X3 models. While we’re on the subject of vehicles beyond cars and trucks, if your graduate rides a motorcycle or even drives a boat, we’ve got products for them!

Personalized Graduation Gifts for Guys

When you shop for a graduation gift, you have a particular person in mind. With gifts it may be the thought that counts, but if you really want to show someone you’re thinking of him, a gift that lets his ride show off his personality is the way to go. Our GOBO projector car door lights can project a stenciled image from your car door onto the ground, the coolest way to avoid stepping out of your vehicle into a puddle. The available designs range from the bat signal, to the state of Texas, to a t-rex! You can also commission a customized design.

For another personalized gift option, ORACLE Lighting also offers Illuminated LED Letter Badges. With these letter badges, available in white or amber, you can add your graduate’s initials or his school’s acronym to their vehicle with an unexpected glow. Just install the letters with the adhesive backing and wire them into a 12V power source in the vehicle. These vehicle personalization letters make a truly thoughtful gift.

Trust ORACLE Lighting for the Best Graduation Gifts for Guys and Anyone in Your Life Who Loves Their Car

No matter what your graduate drives, ORACLE Lighting has the lighting products and other accessories to make the perfect gift. Our trained specialists can help you find just the right fit for every make and model and for your budget. With so many options for graduation gifts for guys, ORACLE Lighting has exactly what you need to recognize this impressive achievement.
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